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Sunday Night Cranium Dump

Sunday Night Cranium Dump

Numbers were down a little (prom weekend, Spring Break …), but you couldn’t tell it from the volume of worship.  We even engaged in a little holy cheerleading: IT IS FINISHED! Loved all the music. Loved the key change. Loved the new son [...] read more »

Sunday Night Cranium Dump

I’ll have to say that Sunday’s weather was perfect. At least from a pastor’s perspective.  It was JUST overcast/cool enough to keep slackers from skipping church for the river or beach or backyard.  And JUST pleasant enough to rew [...] more »

Cranium Dump for March 30, 2014

This is a guest post from our Student Pastor, Matt Brown. You can follow him here and get updates on The ROCK’s Student Ministry here. Every time I get to preach on a Sunday morning, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning! Not even kid [...] more »


The first quarter of 2014 is drawing to close.  So it’s a good time to ask this question: How are you doing with your 2014 goals? As you probably know, New Year’s resolutions often die a quick painless death. It is why I encourage people [...] more »

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